HR Application

Manage all your office activities from within one application. Our HR Application provides all in one solution for managing Employees, Leaves, Employee Tasks, Payroll, Assets, Notices, Chat and so on. No need to use multiple apps for office activities. We provide separate app to be used by HR and the Employees for their corresponding use cases.

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Reporting App
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Our HR App helps to visualize and analyze your activities, projects, notices, leaves and payroll.

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Product Features
Feature Packed HR System

Proper flow of notices

Proper flow of informations and notices from HR to employees with our amazing notices fetaure.

Urgent and non urget notices Effective notice system

Employee Payroll

Manage transparent salary, for satisfaction of both company and the employee.

Effective Payroll System No hidden expenditures

Employee Leaves

Manage employee leaves the better way. Employee can request for leave and HR can accept, reject or cancel the leave from within the app. Employee gets notification regarding the status of his leave.

Request Leave Accept / Reject / Cancel leave Leave Status

Daily Task

Manage daily employee task with our feature rich Daily Task and task history feature. Employee can add his completed task every day. The HR can approve and provide required feedback to the employee as well.

Add Daily Task Approve Daily Task Provide Feedback


Employee can receive personal notices and information through their inbox.

Personal Inbox

Notice Board

Everyone can share their plans, informations, ideas with everyone through our Notice Board feature.

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