Stay ahead of your competition and succeed your business with our flexible retail POS system. Manage your daily operations, analyze your progress and make decisions accordingly. As a retailer, in order to stay afloat and compete with today’s innovators in an increasingly cutthroat global environment, you need a proper retail Point of sale service.


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Comission free online ordering platform

Retail is a product of Anbe Tech Solutions Inc. It provides commission free platform for retail shops for online orders with pickup & delivery.

Commission Free

After careful review of the industry, third party marketplace for similar online ordering services are taking huge benefits in commissions and other fees as high as 35% on their sales while real hard work is on the retail shop side to serve the client. So Retail is dedicated to keep this platform commission free for our retail partners.

Online ordering website and mobile app

This will allow retail shops to have their personalized domain names, branded websites and mobile apps. You can request for these additional features, but they will be provided case by case basis. Not all retail partners may be eligible for these additional options.

Cancel Anytime

Retail Shop can cancel anytime from the Retail platform.

Additional Products

Retail has built additional products which can benefit the retail owners and operators in different ways. These are optional and each retail shop can choose to add them any time they need them.

Benefits To The Retail Partners

  1. Comission free online ordering platform for retail shops for pickup, & delivery.

  2. You'll get 100% of your item sales amount + tax after excluding Credit card fee (2.99% + 30¢ per transaction).

  3. Branded mobile apps & website for eligible retail partners.

  4. Reach large number of users with Digital Marketing on Facebook, Google & Instagram. First 60 days of marketing free (Value of $90 for eligible customers).

  5. .Create and manage your own Online Promotions, Loyalty Programs, Reward Items, Giveaways, and so on by using Retail Admin Portal.

  6. Email and Text Marketing feature included with Retail Admin Portal.


Transparent for both retail owners and the customers.

Despite taking huge commission from retail third party vendors in many instances also charges different kinds of fees to the customers. Retail is committed to have these fees transparent for both retail owners and the customers.

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Credibly target highly efficient niche markets whereas end-to-end results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Retail?

A reliable mobile and web application to help you find some of the best salons available in your area. Book your appointments, enjoy amazing deals and have a great salon experience!

What are included?
  • A Branded Mobile App
  • A Branded Website
  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Marketing Tools
  • Promotions


Benefits To The Customers

Each retail shop can start loyalty programs, sell items on deals, giveaways and send reward items directly to the customer. So, each customer can be benefited with above programs while making sure 100% of the food price they pay directly goes to the retail shop owners / operators.


Use promotion code and get discounts.


Checkout and earn reward points.


Get free items on giveaways by retail shops.

Scan QR Code

You can scan your Qrcode during checkout at the Retail Shop and earn reward points.

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