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Manage your tattoo shop appointments, with our tattoo booking system. We facilitate online booking and scheduling of appointments. Users can book tattoo online with the artist they want, and the progress of appointment request will be notified to the users through their email or text message. Artist can as well approve, deny or cancel the appointment from within the app itself.

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Online Booking

User can book for tattoo online describing their requrement and selecting preferred artist as well. They will be notified through email or text messaging about their appointment

Online Booking Appointment Status

Email / Text Notifications

Both artist and users will be notified about their upcoming appointments. Cancellation, approval, denial of appointment will be notified through email or text message.

Manage Appointments

Manage Appointment requests and scheduled appointments. Artist or admin can approve, deny, or cancel appointment requests. Artist also can request for more info about the tattoo.

Manage Artists

Keep track of all the artist of your shop. Added artist will be shown to users during booking of tattoo.

Artist Schedules

Manage artist schedules from within our application. You can easily update and maintain artist schedule. Each artist can have multiple schedules per day.

Artist Schedule Multiple Schedules

Separate Apps for Users, Artist and Admin

Separate apps for Users, Artist and Admin help facilitate everyone with their appointments.

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